Welcome to Huckleberry Homescapes, it is my wish that each time you visit this page you are inspired and excited to implement its content into your own unique style.

Why Huckleberry you may ask?  I believe this word defines me in many ways.  Let me start by introducing myself.  Much like Huckleberry Hound, I’m a mutt.  My ancestry includes Irish, French, Canadian, German, Portuguese, and possibly English as well though the Irish in me has yet to acknowledge that.  I am the youngest of four sisters and the aunt of four nieces.  All girls gave my Mom a captive audience for all of the creative skills she possessed.  As you’ll see in my blog posts, my heritage and family greatly influence my style and tastes.

Most important is Huckleberry means home to me.  The most treasured moments in my life were spent in a federal style townhouse on Huckleberry Drive in Maryland.  It is here that I learned any of the content of this blog from my Mom.  All of the ideas and creativity I share with you is due to her talent.  It is for this reason that I dedicate this blog to her and in sharing her passion for its contents that I celebrate her memory. 

What exactly is a Huckleberry you may ask.  It is a shrub of the Ericaceae family (basically a cranberry or blueberry).  How can a family of fruit remind me of my own family?  There are the memories of singing along with the 90s Irish rock band on road trips.  The numerous cranberry spritzers we have enjoyed during the holidays spent with family while binge watching our favorite PBS shows.  The time throughout my life spent on the NE coast and Pacific coast where cranberries also would grow and thrive.  Then there is the blueberry to which I could reference the epic Veruca Salt moment in Willy Wonka.  When we too were small, we would wake on the weekends to the smell of Dad’s cooking and the sound of his baritone voice booming patriotic tunes while we ate our size in blueberry flap-jacks. 

Is there anything worth celebrating more than family and country?  Is there anything more American than celebrating a diverse heritage and ensuring the unique traditions within your family are maintained for future generations to embrace and cultivate to their own liking.  It is in this concept that I am excited to share with you the ways in which my family have enjoyed life’s events through decorating and cooking in anticipation of these important moments; the true pursuit of happiness.  Setting the atmosphere and preparing a backdrop enhances the holidays each season brings.  What a wonderful way to embrace life and create magical moments that will create lifelong nostalgia for those you love.

If tried and true, traditional decor/crafts and recipes which nod to the past but also provide a hint of fresh perspective are what you are looking for then “I’m your Huckleberry”.  So please, create your own extraordinary moments for your family and friend’s future reminiscence by utilizing the content of this blog which is only made possible from the memories I cherish.