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New Year’s Eve





I’ve celebrated the new year in many ways.  My favorite has been to have a quiet meet-up at home with friends and family before kicking off the night seeing different cultural shows capped off with fireworks at the family friendly event in my city known as First Night.  It may seem like a wasted effort to decorate for only a few hours of drinks with company, but this is where the scene is set for the rest of the evening.  Tunes, cocktails, appetizers, and festive atmosphere can put your group in the mood to continue the party whether going out or staying in to watch Times Square on TV…and possibly sleeping through the countdown.   I have been to First Night in Baltimore MD, Annapolis MD, Alexandria VA, Fredericksburg VA, and Pittsburgh PA.


First night in Annapolis celebrates midnight by dropping a crab sculpture (pictured above) into a pot which lights up the year.




Providing appetizers allows guests to have a bite before heading out to continue the festivities.  Offering a full meal requires attendees to stay for a longer amount of time which takes away from time spent at the main event.  Food at the venue (i.e. First Night) could be pricey and yield long lines; this ensures your time is spent enjoying the show not the long lines for vendors without an empty stomach.

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